Jennifer Van De Vooren is a creative director, brand strategist, and senior marketer based in . Creating bold identities and campaign experiences – all with a focus on brand-led growth to create plenty of .


Below are just a few examples of work, but reach out to see lots more.


  • Literacy for Africe brand design overview
  • 3D modelling abstract
  • CDA magazine design
  • TD logo
  • Jamie Oliver magazine cover
  • Big Fish animation
  • Canada government poster design
  • Soft bodies abstract animation
  • Active disclosure tshirt
  • Active disclosure web design
  • Active disclosure brand overview
  • Active disclosure email design
  • Active disclosure digital elements
  • Active disclosure mailout campaign
  • Vogue magazine ad
  • Poster for burger joint
  • Jen Vandevooren painting anamorphic mural
  • Jamir Oliver magazine design

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